Super Green Malay Kratom Powder

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Sourced right from Malaysia’s mountain range, Super Green Malay is a Kratom variant like no other. Some call it a mix between Maeng Da Thai and Bali while others prefer not to compare it to anything else at all. The strain itself in the supreme balance between Red vein and White vein kratom varieties. Adding the Super to the start of the name isn’t a coincidence or some marketing tactic, the strain truly lives up to its name. The Super Green Malay strain has a rich composition, containing over 40 active alkaloids. Known to contain powerful antioxidants that hold unique capabilities. It’s no wonder it has been around for centuries. Super Green Malay has developed a strong reputation for its effectiveness, mild potency, and minimal side effects.  

Thanks to the naturally abundant soil composition in the area, this variety of Kratom can grow to full capacity. With a unique cell wall density, this strain of Malay is structurally different from any other on the market. The unusual characteristic of the cell walls results in added longevity to the tree and leaf extracts which display prolonged effects.

This powerhouse variety has a unique appearance that sets it apart from the rest of the Kratom. Super Green Malay is created from the collection of the large oval-shaped leaves on the tree. The technique used to pluck the large and mature sized leaves for its production is what makes all the difference for this variety. Due to the size of the leaf, there is a higher volume of alkaloids present. The truth is, the real magic happens at the harvesting stage; a delicate time when the leaves must be picked at the optimal point in the year and under the ideal conditions for harvesting. Our trusted source carefully cares for the crop, monitoring its progress and at the time of picking, follows the highest quality harvesting practices.  

If you want to try out the softest and most powerful strain, backed by centuries of use, purchase it right here or choose to add it to one of our sample packs. Available in 100g (4 x 25g), 400g (4 x 100g) , and 1kg (4 x 250g) packs.

  • Antioxidant properties
  • Soft aroma
  • Gentle strain
  • Alkaloid rich
  • Ideal Balance between relaxed and energized
  • Longer lasting
  • Cost-effective

We recommend you store your kratom in a dry, dark and cool spot, away from the elements; this will help maintain its alkaloid content.


This product is strictly for non-human consumption and has been packaged and sold for use in aromatherapy and as an incense. Even though Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is recognized in many cultures, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) strictly prohibits the internal use of the herb. Minimum age to purchase, 18+.


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