Red Vein Bali Kratom Powder

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Highly popular for its versatility and potency, Red Vein Bali Kratom is known for its consistent alkaloid makeup. Slightly subtler than Red Maeng Da, however arguably the most balanced of all the varieties. This strain is wild harvested and picked for maturity in Indonesia, and contains over 25 alkaloids. The leaves of this strain are often larger and more easily identifiable; their growth rate is substantially faster than other varieties. Due to the rapid rate of growth, Red Vein Bali is often one of the more economical strains.  

A perfect variety to start with if you’ve never purchased Kratom before. Despite its name, the variety is actually a blend of Kratom grown around Borneo and Sumatra rather than in Bali. In addition to its natural alkaloid potency, Red Vein Bali also consists of 9-hydroxycorynantheidine, Speciogynine, and Mitraphylline.

A top choice among many for its analgesic and stimulant properties, producing relaxing effects that are touted for its ability to ease pain. Use Red Vein Bali to make your own soaps, and other aromatherapy products to help soothe, calm, and relax you after a long day. Burning Red Vein Bali incense is also a great way to unwind and enter into a restful sleep.  The stimulating aroma acts as a natural relief for stress and anxiety. For an extra jolt of energy, use Red Vein Bali to boost your energy with a stimulating homemade bath bomb.

  • Impactful aroma
  • Wild harvested in Indonesia
  • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties

We recommend you store your kratom in a dry, dark and cool spot, away from the elements; this will help maintain its alkaloid content.


This product is strictly for non-human consumption and has been packaged and sold for use in aromatherapy and as an incense. Even though Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is recognized in many cultures, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) strictly prohibits the internal use of the herb. Minimum age to purchase, 18+.

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