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Our Red Maeng Da kratom powder is one of the most popular of the strains sold. Grown under the nurturing sun in Indonesia, the humidity of the climate contributes a great deal to the successful growth of this strain.  Maeng Da, is viewed as having strong potency due to its high alkaloid content, which it has been specifically selectively bred for. It’s no wonder they named this strain Maeng Da, literally translating to ‘Pimp grade’. This variety is a beefed up powerhouse in comparison to the original Mitragyna speciosa. The profile of this strain indicates it has strong anxiolytic and analgesic properties.

The plant itself is characterized by its dark red leaves and known to be incredibly resilient to extreme conditions during the growing stages. The drying process of Kratom is what determines whether it is classified under one strain or another. Other factors including location of the plant, soil content, and time of harvest, all play a factor in determining the particular strain.

Our growers have been producing Red Maeng Da for countless years and have a great deal of experience in its production and harvesting. Quality and freshness are of utmost importance which is why extensive care is taken throughout the process, from the picking stage all the way to storing and grinding. Harvested at the optimal time of the year and under ideal conditions; we are confident you will be satisfied with this variety of Kratom. Red Maeng Da Powder is the preferred choice for anyone looking to create their own bath bombs, soaps, or herbal aromatherapy products.

If you’re a fan of the Maeng Da strains, you can also purchase White and Green Maeng Da from KratomSave. Our Green strain is more known for being the subtler variety due to its unique blend of alkaloids whereas the White strain holds energy enhancing properties.

  • Harvested from mature plants
  • Specially bred strain
  • Grown in Indonesia

We recommend you store your kratom in a dry, dark and cool spot, away from the elements; this will help maintain its alkaloid content.


This product is strictly for non-human consumption and has been packaged and sold for use in aromatherapy and as an incense. Even though Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is recognized in many cultures, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) strictly prohibits the internal use of the herb. Minimum age to purchase, 18+.

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